Schiphol Airport in big trouble today: cancellations and chaos!

Flying from Schiphol Amsterdam or you’ve got friends landing at the Dutch airport? Better check again, because Schiphol is struggling with cancellations and delays following a power outage in the middle of the night. The power supply has now just been restored, but the problems will continue for the rest of the day. And because of the May holidays, there are way more people than usual flying to and from the airport.

Due to the malfunction, the check-in system fell out last night, causing great pressure in the departure halls. Because of the security situation and after consultation with the authorities, Schiphol decided not to allow travelers and visitors more. “That is a far-reaching decision, to lock the airport, but that had to be done,” said a spokesman for the airport on NPO Radio 1. This is the first time in Schiphol’s history that the airport had been closed due to a power outage. That situation lasted about an hour.

Schiphol power failure solved but the situation is still troubling

When the problems with check-in were resolved, travelers were welcome again. Trains, buses and cars were also able to reach the Dutch airport again but because of the extreme business there’s un-Dutch chaos unfolding with people leaving the car at the frickin highway.

Chaos at Schiphol to continue all day

Schiphol expects that many flights will be delayed or complete. For example, KLM has canceled 25 European flights.

The departure halls were full of people the past night and the stranded passengers did not receive much information. At the check-in counters there were long lines at 9.30 am. And at the counters of the airlines it is also busy with travelers who want to change their canceled flight. The May holiday is one of the busiest times for Schiphol, with a total of 5.2 million expected passengers. Last year long queues developed due to the large number of travelers and dozens of people missed their flights. Because more people are expected this year, the airport has deployed 20 percent more staff.

Big power outage in Amsterdam-Zuidoost solved

The malfunction is related to a power outage in the high-voltage grid at 00.45 o’clock in Amsterdam-Zuidoost. According to the manager of the high-voltage grid, Tennet, around 18,000 households were affected. Energy company Liander thinks that the last 3200 customers will have power again at 10.30 am.

Are you at Schiphol or planning to take a flight? Got a friend coming in through Schiphol? Join the DutchReview group and stay informed! (Also, good luck, you’re going to need it!)

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