On Monday 18th March, the staff working on the subways, trams and buses will strike. The strike will last only 66 minutes, however, other members of staff such as cleaners and construction workers are calling for a 24-hour strike. This strike would mean that there will be no public transport in Amsterdam, Rotterdam and the Hague for just over an hour. 

So, what’s happened?

The main reason that they are striking is because the state pension age is rising. The reason for the 66-minute strike is because they believe that retiring at 66 is a fair age. They run the risk of having to work until they are 68 in some cases, which nobody can deny is a very old age to retire. This strike will happen during the hours of 6am – 7am, during the morning rush-hour.

Source: Pixabay

Who else will strike?

The ambulance fire brigade, police and customs are also organising some form of strike on the same day. They plan to drive in the direction of the Hague at 66km/h until they get to Malieveld. They will then pass their batons.

Employees at the port of Amsterdam will also strike, but details about that are not yet known.

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  1. Thats ridiculous. How are police firebrigade and ambulance allowed to go on a strike in the first place ? I can understand the concerns and the efforts taken to resolve the concerns but going on strike in a manner to hinder the basic services clearly shows that they might not deserve to be working there !


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