The punishment is about to get tougher for reckless driving

Tough new laws for you reckless drivers

So it seems as if the law is about to get stricter for people who think it’s cool and clever to drive like idiots. Grapperhaus, the minister, has made a bill which means that punishment for reckless driving is going to be tougher. This accounts for all kinds of driving which falls under recklessness.

The punishment for having your mobile in your hand or lap will also increase. Personally, I think about time too. The amount of times I’ve nearly been in an accident because a driver has been messing around on their phone and not looking at the road is just too much to count.

You don’t want to end up like this poor thing

What’s going to increase?

So far extremely dangerous driving with and without consequences (accidents) will be stricter. Along with regular dangerous driving, driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs and hit and run driving. These aren’t just slight adjustments either. For example under current law, driving under the influence held a maximum of 3 months incarceration. This is now going to be extended to a maximum of 1 year. Hit and runs have also been extended from 3 months to 1 year.

Road deaths

The number of road deaths has steadily increased over the years. Also, my car insurance has increased over the years too (despite no claims), due to the number of claims being made from road accidents (yeah, not happy about that guys). So it’s great that the law is trying to crack down harder on dangerous drivers. That can never be a bad thing, right?

What’s your thoughts on this new ‘tough’ approach to dangerous driving? Let us know in the comments. Don’t forget to join our Facebook group for more Dutch antics too. You know you wanna. 


Emma Brown
A familiar face at DutchRevew. Emma arrived in Holland in 2016 for a few weeks, fell in love with the place and never left. Here she rekindled her love of writing and travelling. Now you'll find her eating stroopwafels in the DutchReview office since 2017.


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