Rush hour is going to be a lot busier today causing more traffic jams and delays due to the Whitsun weekend. Not to mention the code yellow thunderstorms sweeping in at the same time…

Yep, it’s that time of the year again, we’re all excited because we have another day off on Monday and many of us are trying to get away for the weekend (or just racing out of the office because we can’t get away fast enough). However, in true Dutch style, many of us are going to be sitting in heavy traffic. Again.

According to RTL Nieuws, Germany, Belgium and France are the most popular destinations this weekend. This means that the main routes into these places will be the busiest. Tourists from neighbouring countries are also expected to come into the Netherlands this weekend, so this will also increase the number of cars on the road. Ferry’s to the Wadden island, around the Randstad and country borders are expected to be very busy.

Code orange storm

Although with the increase of traffic due to Whitsun weekend, we’re also expected to get a code orange storm across the country (it was upgraded from code yellow!) around the same time that rush hour begins. We can expect winds of up to 100 km/hr, including hail, thunder and lightning and for some parts of the country. The thunder and lightning is only expected to last for about an hour, but the rain will continue well into the evening!

Are you off anywhere nice this weekend? Let us know in the comments!


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