Incoming: more crazy Brexit news.

The Dutch giant, Philips, has said that if the UK opts for a hard Brexit, then it may be forced out of the UK. Of course, prices will also increase and this is a problem. This could mean that over 1,500 people will lose their jobs, as production will be swiftly discontinued in the UK. Understandably, the company is worried about the implications of a hard Brexit (aren’t we all), so they are already planning measures for if this does happen. If you’re British, you should get this next joke: “not another one!” (think of that old woman who made the news when saying this about the elections). 😉

What else has gone down?

In case you haven’t been following, Theresa May finally got somewhere with her Brexit plans and that lead to resignations – including Foreign Secretary, Boris Johnson.

Sorry, can’t resist. 😉

The ‘Leave’ campaign is also under investigation for illegally spending over their campaign budgets, with all the information released in a BBC documentary last week. So all in all, the whole thing is a total mess right now. Almost 50% of the British population (and I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s over 50 now), are now shaking their head in disbelief at why the f**k this is still going ahead.

DutchReview has covered the Brexit fallout in the past. With EMA and then Unilever leaving the UK, new passport production was then going to go to a Franco-Dutch company and now Philips could also go if a hard Brexit is what we go for. The Dutch have actually gained quite a few jobs because of this. We’re unsure if the whole brex-shit situation is going to get any worse, but I think we all know the answer to that.


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