It seems the biggest threat for everyone right now are windmills, because did you hear? Apparently they cause cancer, according to Donald Trump anyway. Can you imagine the horror?! Their sheer audacity to generate so much renewable energy and provide electricity for whole provinces, and all this while they were causing cancer for everyone. Talk about being a double agent.聽

Okay, let’s hold off on the sarcasm there. He is POTUS afterall, he must have some good reasons as to why he thinks so. Let’s watch what he actually said. Maybe he does know a lot about windmills! Who knows what happens in his brain.



Fact #1 according to Trump: Windmills make a *reeeeu reeeeu* sound (translated to Dutch).
Fact #2 according to Trump: This noise causes cancer.




Even the God from above has some things to say, and it is certainly not favourable. One can even speculate that Trump has a personal vendetta against wind, and anything that generates wind.




We can certainly empathize with this, right? I mean, all of us have had bad hair days because of the ghastly winds of the Netherlands. Windmills might be to blame! How dare they get us to trust them, and then turn around and make us sick with CANCER. Douchebag wind turbines.

The best memes we could find




Increasing hatred towards windmills

And they are not even getting more popular now. According to NOS, a company that runs a wind farm received a threatening letter from someone. They have withdrawn from the project, and now no one knows what’s going to happen with the farm. Last week, a similar letter was sent to someone involved in the construction of a park in Drenthe. Of course, we are not saying that the sender was inspired by Trump, but it has been a bad week for wind energy.

If you live near a windmill, and are afraid of getting cancer, know everything about going to the hospital, and health insurance.

I doubt I convinced anybody who’s reading this that I actually gave POTUS a chance to explain himself. Let’s get the discussion going, shall we? Do you have any credible arguments to show that windmills actually cause cancer? Let us know in the comments!

PS. Did you create these memes? Let us know and we gladly credit you!

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