Utrecht shooting motive still not confirmed: Eyewitnesses explain what they saw

With the suspect of the Utrecht shooting arrested, it’s still not clear what might have caused him to do this.

There are still a lot of unanswered questions about the tram shooting that occurred this morning in Utrecht. The motive for the attack has still not officially been confirmed.

For many hours now, the likely cause of the attack was terrorism. However, questions have been raised about whether this was a deliberate attack on one person, and other people were shot when trying to help.

The reason will likely be confirmed soon, as the suspect has now been arrested.

What eyewitnesses saw in Utrecht

One eyewitness told the NOS that he saw the man walking towards a group of women with his gun drawn. He says that it seemed like he was deliberately targeting someone and it didn’t seem random.

Another eyewitness told RTV Utrecht that he saw a woman lying on the ground shouting “I have done nothing!” When people tried to help her, guns were fired again.

Yet another eyewitness saw an injured woman run to his car. She has been shot and she was helped and taken to the hospital.

So far everyone is unsure if these eyewitness statements point to another cause of this tragic shooting today. However, according to NOS, the suspects family have said that he has psychological issues and he had ongoing family problems. More and more signs are pointing towards some twisted issue with relationships and mental problems than a full-blown terror motive.


Emma Brown
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