Well, after the gloom and doom of grey skies this week we will finally see some real Spring weather as a sunny weekend rolls in. Highs of 17 degrees will feel more like 20 with humidity above 60%. Cold temperatures will roll back in carrying the same dense fog that caused a truck to tip over last week.

Seems like the weekends are our ace in the hole for real Spring weather. The weeks themselves won’t reach temperatures above 10 degrees and the nights will also be cold. If you’re planning a road trip or heading onto the freeway, be aware of the morning fog.

Source: weerplaza

Spring weather, a glorious weekend comeback

KNMI predicts that Saturday the sun will be more pronounced whereas Sunday will have intermittent clouds. The fog should dissipate around 10AM, after which a gorgeous Spring day is ours to enjoy! Warm Spring weather comes and goes, make the most of it! (go to a beach in the Netherlands for example)

What are your plans for the weekend? Tennis? Tulips? Day-Trips? Let us know in the comments!


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