Guess who’s back? The snow is back!

Yay or Nee?

The snow is back again and it’s due to hit the Netherlands tomorrow (yes, tomorrow!), so a prewarning to you all that more disruptions are expected as a code yellow warning has been issued.

All provinces in the Netherlands are expecting snow and the snowfall will be similar to last time, with snow reaching around 3cm (and yes, only 3cm puts us into shut down). Again, the south of the country is expecting the most snowfall.

It’s hard to imagine when today is such a beautiful sunny day.

Source: Weerplaza

Traffic disruptions

Yet again we are expecting to see a lot of travel disruptions. The traffic will be bad, especially during peak hours after work, as many of us will be driving. Trains will likely be affected, so be sure to keep checking the NS website or 9292. The same with air traffic – so just be aware that tomorrow could be a nightmare commute. Don’t panic, we’ve braced for colder storms than this and we’ve driven in them too.

People commuting tomorrow be like…


How are you liking the weather? Let us know in the comments!


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