Today has been a beautiful sunny day for many of us, but that’s not going to last much longer as a code yellow warning is issued for tonight. Expect heavy gusts of wind and thunderstorms!

Many of us woke up this morning and thought ‘ah, what another lovely day’ – but that’s not the case tonight, as heavy winds, along with hail and rain is expected over the country. This is likely due to humidity, as the country ranges from 22 – 29 degrees, reports As a result, KNMI has issued a code yellow warning for the whole of the Netherlands.

According to, a ‘supercell’ is possible – this is the heaviest type of thunderstorm and causes large hailstones. In general, tonight we can expect winds of up to 120 km/ph, so there is a possibility that it can make trees fall – so it’s pretty damn windy out there.

How is the rest of the week looking?

Temperatures are staying in the 20s for most of us, but it’s looking like we can expect rain most days and this certainly won’t be the end of the thunderstorms.

Let us pray the storms clear for next weekend!

Are you a fan of thunderstorms or do they scare you? Let us know in the comments!



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