There’s a new record!

A temperature record has just happened – it hit 17.1 degrees at just gone midday today in De Bilt, making it the warmest 6th November on record!

Confused with what the hell is going on with the weather…

According to NOS, it’s set to get warmer throughout the day though and may reach 20 degrees Celsius. This could mean that the record of 20.4 degrees Celsius in Maastricht (1955), could be replaced with today’s date and temperature. Usually, in November, we have temperatures that are half of this amount.

Normally when it’s 20 degrees in the summer, we go wild. Now it’s still 20 degrees? #mindblown

Sadly, this weather is short lived and we are back to normal-ish temperatures for the rest of the week. Check out our weekly weather article for more info on this. 😉


What do you think about this? Let us know in the comments!


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