Heatwave in the Netherlands! Everything about the measures for the Summer of 2018

There’s a heatwave in the Netherlands right now, so if you’re going out do not bring a jacket!

In case you haven’t noticed, there is a heatwave in the Netherlands. I mean, it’s normal to have missed it. It’s not like everything in Dutch media right now is about the heatwave in the Netherlands. And it’s not like everyone around you is already complaining about how hot it is 24/7. And it’s not like you’re already sweating just by reading this. But just in case you needed some more info on this glorious heatwave, here’s a quick rundown of the measures that are being taken today against the fires from hell.

There’s a heatwave so wear whatever the hell you want

Enough with the fat shaming! Enough with the “summer body” ideals! In order to survive this inferno we must all wear as little clothes as possible. So do not be ashamed to put on a tank top, and wear your shortest shorts possible! As long as you don’t go walking around in your birthday suit, we’re all good. And if someone dares to make a judgmental comment about your body, just blast them with the heat you’ve been storing from the last few days. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.

Heatwave 2018: The National Heat Plan is in full action

Because it is so hot, there is an official National Heat Plan that is currently in action. You’re pretty much advised to stay as cool as possible throughout the day.

“But I’m already cool, hehehe.”

“This is not a freaking joke, Brad! We’re all gonna die here!”

Anyway, make sure to stay cool and hydrated throughout the day. Also, use sunscreen and make sure to stay in the shade as much as possible. Another thing to keep in mind is to check up on vulnerable and elderly people. And if by any chance you’re going out with your dog, make sure the pavement is not burning their little cutie patootie paws.

Know you’re rights at work during a heatwave in Holland

If you’re working at a warehouse or a building with a flat roof, that allows for the temperature to increase much faster. In situations like this, logistics companies must provide a tropical roster and employers are legally obliged to protect employees against this. During a heatwave in the Netherlands, companies should start earlier so that employees can go home sooner. Aside from warehouses in the Netherlands, this also includes forklift truck drivers, order pickers and logistics managers.

Heat wave in the Netherlands 2018: Some bridges may be closed due to the heatwave

According to reports, 12 bridges in Amsterdam are currently closed. Due to the heat, the metal is turned off, so the bridges are “locked”. Shipping is temporarily being diverted starting today. According to the municipality, the bridges are usually cooled with water from the canal, but that does not help anymore. In order to ensure that road traffic does not come to a standstill, it has been decided to keep the bridges closed. So if you have any bridges on your way to work, double check to make sure they are not closed.

Heatwave in the Netherlands: At the end of the day, you just have to deal with it

Stop complaining and own it! This is your chance to feel like you’re on a tropical vacation and get the best tan ever without leaving the Netherlands. So wear little to no clothes, and hang out at the Dutch beaches for as long as possible. And remember, being sweaty can look great if you work it! Ok no, sweaty only looks good on Beyonce, but you can at least try, right?

How are you dealing with the heatwave in the Netherlands? Let us know in the comments below!

Oh, and here you can check the weather in the Netherlands for the upcoming days


Veronika Licheva
Veronika Licheva
Living the short girl life in the land of giants. Veronika is a content creator who takes great interest in video, photography, and journalism. Her mission in The Netherlands is to build a vibrant and exciting career, while simultaneously petting as many dogs as possible.


  1. This heat is not at all what I expected. After 6 days in Mallorca I looked forward to visiting friends here in the Netherlands, where the weather is cool. Ha! This is awful. My wife and I will leave Saturday and go back to Illinois (U.S.) and our nice air conditioning. Good luck!


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