What a beautiful day it is today in the Netherlands! (I’m actually legitimately writing this on a sun lounger at 4pm in the garden because I’m British and so I never see the sun either- I know the struggles). Anyway, we know it’s nice right this second, but what has the rest of the weekend got in store for us?

*Weather from Weerplaza.nl


Today is going to remain sunny and dry and will be the best day out of the whole weekend – so be sure to make the most of your Friday evening after work! All afternoon the temperatures will remain above 20 degrees Celsius. This evening the temperatures will begin to drop and by the night it will be just over 10 degrees.



Saturday is going to be another nice and sunny day, but temperatures will drop slightly and will be just below the 20 mark and over 20 degrees Celsius if we’re lucky. 😉 Expect a few clouds every now and then, but in general, it’s a pretty nice day to sit out in the garden or go out on your fiets.


Sunday is a bit iffy, but the temperatures will remain similar to Saturday. For some of us we may get a couple of heavy showers, however over the past couple of weeks we have reported on DutchReview about rain showers and we’ve all been pretty safe for the most part – so fingers crossed.


Next week

Next week is pretty meh – temperatures are going back to be well below 20 degrees and we have quite a lot of rain showers throughout the week. However, it’s slightly too early to tell yet, but we’re set for a beautiful June (not long to go!)

What are you doing this weekend? Let us know in the comments!


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