Sunny weather in the Netherlands

…and it’s not going to be cold either! If you’ve seen our weather forecast earlier this week, we said that it’s going to be a lovely, hot (well, kind of) and sunny weekend in the Netherlands. That’s not set to change either. If you’re out and about today, you can see that the lovely weather has already started for most of us. So, what’s the weather really going to be like over the next couple of days?

The sun…it…burns…


Saturday is set to be the nicest day out of the two, with clearer skies and temperatures reaching to around 21 degrees Celsius. So don’t forget to slap on some sun cream, as you can get burnt. (I managed to get sun burnt last weekend in the April showers weather, HOW!?)

Overall, it’s going to be a beautiful, hot and sunny day, with a chance of some cloud.

It’s the Netherlands… we need to make the most of it and all that



Sunday is also a lovely day, however with a chance of more stubborn cloud. There will be plenty of sunny spells and the temperature is going to remain warm. For most of us, the temperature will reach into the 20’s again. But you will feel it getting cooler as the day goes on.

Again, the perfect day to get out and about and enjoy the sunshine.

Next week

Next week is a bit hit and miss at the moment. The temperature is still remaining warm (yet not quite as warm as the weekend), but there are a chance of more spring showers as the week goes on. It’s not all bad though and it’s not all rain, rain, rain, so overall, it’s not too shabby! We’ll keep you updated next week. 馃槈

Have an amazing weekend out in the sun (don’t you dare waste it) and let us know what you’ll be doing in this comments! Don’t forget to join our Facebook group too… pretty please.聽



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