We’ve already had a wild couple of months, snow, ice, snow again. It’s already snowed in March and it’s set to snow again. REALLY!? I’m pretty sure we’re all sick to death of it now. Since September, it’s felt like 6 months of winter. Spring is also coming next week, with the clocks going forward next weekend, yet it’s still sodding snowing. Anyway, let me stop ranting and give you the low down on what’s going on.

Besides the ridiculous windchill temperature expected this weekend for the Netherlands

This is – Saturdaymorning at 7.00 o’clock (source: buienradar)

Snow, cold, cold again…

Tonight most of the country is expecting light snow, especially in the North. Temperatures are also going to plummet into the minuses, according to Weerplaza. That’s going to struggle to increase any higher into the weekend and the chilly winds are expected to make it feel like -10 (naaah thanks)! Tomorrow morning snow will fall in the South and Middle of the country. And as usual, road authorities are also warning for slipperiness and such.

Well, let’s just hope for some actual snow instead of the soggy nasty muddy stuff we’re actually expecting. Enjoy the weekend all!



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