As per usual, the weather is pretty boring in the Netherlands this weekend. Thankfully we won’t be seeing any rain, but we won’t be seeing any tropical temperatures either. The good news? This is all set to change! So we only have to get through one more crappy-ish weekend and summer will be back…hurrraaayy!

Our reaction to Dutch weather… same old, same old.

So, let’s get to it:


Tomorrow is a sunny, yet cloudy day. The sun will only be out for 40% of the day! It’s pretty cold for summer, with ‘highs’ of 15 degrees Celsius and lows of 12. It’s definitely not something to shout home about.


Saturday is very similar – with the same amount of sunlight, sun and cloud, yet it’s 2 degrees Celsius warmer (oooooh, let’s get excited…not!), at 17 degrees. It’s still not the heat that we are all dying for.

Source: Weerplaza


Sunday AGAIN, is similar. 40% sunlight, yet it’s 18 degrees Celsius…eh, we’re getting somewhere with this now! It’s still not reaching the 20s yet though. Yet it could be worse – it could be pouring with rain. Silver lining en all that.

Next week


Thankfully we are going to start seeing some improvements throughout next week. Almost as soon as Monday hits it’s getting warmer and as the week goes on it’s set to reach the late 20s by next weekend. Fingers crossed it stays that way! See, so it’s not all bad. 馃槈


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