Snow this week! It’s back on again! Yes indeed, the crisp white grip of snow will be blowing across the Netherlands from the south-east, Monday night and Tuesday night (brr!)

Where will there be snow this week?

The temperatures in areas like Limburg Hills where snow and showers will soak people caught outside. Although Monday night is when the snow is expected to pass the conditions must be dry and below zero. Snow on Thursday, Friday and over the weekend is probable but daylight temperatures of 2 to 4 degrees will melt some of it (No! my snowman!!!).

Snow in the Netherlands, Wednesday
“Me making a pitstop on the way to work on Wednesday morning”

The Netherlands Meteorological Institute predicts the frost to continue all through Wednesday, anticipating another cold from the south-west. Sources say during Wednesday it might be cold enough for passing showers to bring hail or snow.

Snow and icy roads

Be safe on the roads and drive cautiously on Tuesday morning, the bridges may experience freezing Monday night and Tuesday morn. No weather agency has issued a code yellow yet so we’re all still just buzzing for that moment we glimpse some snow falling out the window.

Still Image: Weerplaza – Weather


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