SNOW will be falling everywhere in the Netherlands tonight!

For the first time this winter, snow is expected to fall in almost all of the Netherlands. In some parts of the country, it can snow for four hours on end. Which will bring many fairytale-like scenes of the Netherlands, but also slippery roads throughout the country.

Winter is coming and bringing snowflakes (/obligatory GoT reference)

The first snowflakes probably fall around 20.00 hours in Zeeland. The winter precipitation gradually spreads over the rest of the country.

It is expected to snow around midnight in South Holland, Utrecht, North Brabant and parts of North Holland. The other provinces will follow later in the night.

Snow in the Netherlands tonight: 5 centimeters is possible (that’s a lot for some folks)

Even in the morning of Sunday, it can still snow a bit locally. In total there will probably be 1 to 3 centimeters of snow, locally even 5 centimeters is possible. “There is a small chance of ice and glacing” says Diana Woei from weerplaza. “Tomorrow morning it will be locally slippery on the places where the roads aren’t sprinkled with salt.”

Still, send your date out on the streets because it’s 2018 😉

During the day the thaw will set in, the maximum temperatures will be in between 2 and 6 degrees. So enjoy it while it lasts people!

snow in the netherlands
Enjoy the snow folks! By @wilsonjim (insta)

How will the trains be doing with this snow in the Netherlands?

The NS expects travelers to have little trouble with the winter weather. For the time being, the normal timetable remains in use, but we all know this can get messy quickly. No word yet from Schiphol, but in all cases, it’s best to leave early and warmly dressed if you need to be anywhere tonight or tomorrow.

The situation in the Netherlands at 2.00 in the night (source: still/buienradar)

It is also snowing in the countries around us. The front reaches the West of Belgium tonight and West Germany on Sunday morning.

We want those Winter Wonder Land pictures of the Netherlands!

As always, you DutchReview readers love it when it snows in the Netherlands. Frozen canals, old houses covered in white snow; all that stuff gets tons of love and looks great. So tag us on Instagram with #dutchreview or send us your best (try hard!) pictures of the snowy Netherlands and we’ve got some nice winter wonderland photo report to create for you tomorrow.

Oh, and because it’s such an amazing view, we just wanted to share this brilliant pic by Vincent Mullenders once again of our beautiful Leiden in the snow.

The Burcht on a snowy day

What to do when it’s snowing in the Netherlands?

So what to do? Besides complaining about the train schedule or shooting pics for DutchReview of course. Well, first you might want to check out one of the excellent light festivals in the Netherlands. They will be even prettier when there’s snow.

And then there are tons of great winter- and Christmas markets in the Netherlands. The whole town of Leiden is having the Winter Wonder Weeks which are a must-visit when there’s a bit of snow in the Netherlands.

And last but not least, stay inside and catch up with DutchReview – here’s how to follow us everywhere and anytime (and expect tons of magical snowy pics there)

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