Signs of crisp Spring weather are reported by Weerplaza. It will be sunny and only a little warmer than in previous weeks across the Netherlands next week. The high is expected to reach 10 degrees while the low would continue to rest at freezing.

Spring weather is back baby! …Almost

Spring is the best, the frost disappears, the tulips blossom, best of all Spring carnival.  Sunglasses on! Because we’ll finally be rid of this rain for a while. If you have outdoor things to take care of (because, life) then take a calm ten-degree walk and relax a little in the knowledge that warmer days are on the way. Spring seems to be making a graceful return to the Netherlands.


The Netherlands will still be cold but less wet

Temperatures will rise throughout the week and finally stay warm over the weekend. Write up those secret weekend plans, I know you still have them! Winter isn’t forever! Despite the current showers early on in the week, the rains will pass soon.

Speaking of showers there will be a mild humidity to Thursday and Friday, a change in temperature that would suggest Spring is coming. Make some plans and have fun this weekend.


Thankfully Spring is hinting at its return. Fingers crossed for warmer weeks. What are your plans this weekend now that the rain has cleared? Leave a comment! 🙂


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