The Netherlands is going to be sunny!

…Okay, so it’s not going to be blistering heat either, after all we have had a rough couple of months with the weather. But it’s been the first time in a while that the DutchReview office is heating up (even had to open a window, wtf). The good news is that temperatures are going to reach double figures for a change and the sun is here to stay. So lets have a quick look at the weather for the next week.

“What on earth is that yellow thing in the sky?”

Today (Tuesday)

In case you haven’t noticed already, for most of us it’s clear blue skies with sunshine, hurrraaahh! What a lovely day. Temperatures still aren’t going to reach the double figures and it’s getting cold tonight (below freezing for most of us), but still, it’s sunny right?!

Tomorrow – ELECTIONS

Tomorrow is another lovely day, luckily. Election turnouts get affected by the weather, so at least we can rest assured that no kind of storm or extreme rain is going to put anyone off venturing outside to ‘queue’ to vote. Highs of 7 degrees celcius and lows of 0 are expected.


Thursday is the only s**tty day – with quite a lot of rain expected throughout most of the day. No cycling for a lot of you then, yeah? 😉 It’s okay, we can cope with one day of rain, as for the rest of the week it’s going to be sunny again.

Source: Weerplaza


The sun is back again! It’s getting warmer too, the temperature is finally going to reach double figures. Highs of 10 degrees celcius and lows of 4 on this day.



This weekend is looking sunny and ‘warm’, with sun and some cloud for most of us. We’re looking at highs of 11 degrees celcius and lows of 4 over the weekend. So definitely a time to get outside and make the most of it.

Next week

I’m sorry to say, that so far it’s looking as if it’s going to be raining A LOT next week. Even more reason to enjoy what sunshine we have left – after all, the clocks go forward for Spring this weekend. Spring showers and all dat…



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