We love talking about the weather at DutchReview and it’s not going to end here. 😉 Dutch weather is unpredictable and one minute we’re soaked due to a thunderstorm and the next we’re all desperate to get a tan on the beach even though it’s only 23 degrees. So much to yap or moan about!

According to Buirenradar, by the end of the week, we can expect local temperatures of up to 27 degrees Celsius. Of course, this will vary slightly from place to place, but it’s still looking good. Yes, please.

What to expect this week

Today is a snapshot of what’s to come – every kind of weather in one day. In general, it’s going to stay pretty warm though, with temperatures not dipping below the 20s until into the evenings/night.

Over the next couple of days we can expect more showers, thunderstorms, yet glorious sunshine at times too (can we ever get used to the Dutch uncertainty?)

Coat? Summer dress? Or what!?


When it gets towards the end of the week we’re set for temperatures in the mid-20s for most of us and no rain! The north of the country is expected to get the hottest, with temperatures reaching a maximum of 27 degrees Celsius.

What to expect this weekend

It’s staying warm and temperatures are set to remain in the 20s. Showers are expected on both days but the weather keeps changing and it doesn’t seem to know what it wants yet. For some of us, we will get large outbreaks of sunshine and temperatures into the mid-20s.

Next week is set to get even better, so it looks as if (Dutch) summer is finally here!

How are you liking this weather? Let us know in the comments!


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