It was already the first official day of spring for the year in the Netherlands on Sunday! That’s right, Spring is here, the temperatures are going to get warmer, and you will not be able to come up with weather excuses from keeping to your working out resolutions that you made on New Year’s.

Over the past years, the first Spring temperature day was usually recorded only around March 16th, and the temperatures around this time of the year are usually around 5°C or 6°C, RTL Nieuws reports. However, there have been records of earlier official spring days, the earliest being on January 13th, 1993.

We reported on great weather over the last weekend, where temperatures were as high as 15°C in some part of the Netherlands. The KNMI weather station in De Bilt even reported temperatures above 18°C in the south. And indeed, it was the warmest February 16th ever recorded.

What does the weather look like this week?

It’s going to be sunny for a lot of today, with temperatures around 10-16°C, with light showers in the night. The clouds might make a comeback during the week, with a little rain in the North. However, it is not going to be all doom and gloom, like we are used to.


It’s going to be a little bit cloudier than today, with more sun in the south and west than in the north and east. There will probably be a light shower of rain in the northeast, but the rest of the country will stay dry. So, don’t be afraid to leave your umbrellas back at home.


The clouds will linger on Wednesday, with a light drizzle of rain particularly in the north. Temperatures are going to be kind with up to 9°C in the north and 12°C in the south.


The clouds will remain for most parts of the day, but the sun might make an appearance in the afternoon, especially in the southwest parts of the country. Temperatures are going to go up to 10-13°C in the south of the country.



The temperatures are only going to improve, where there will be no rain and the sun will be shinning in all its glory. Temperatures are going to go up to 15°C in some parts of the country, and the wind is going to be weak or moderate.


It is predicted to be dry and sunny, and the temperatures are predicted to be high, with a maximum of around 10°C in the nights, with a slight frost. The exact temperatures are uncertain, but it is known that they will not be winter temperatures.

So what do you have planned for the week? Time to get productive, and enjoy the sun! Or check out our suggestions for spring time vacations in the country! Let us know in the comments what you are going to do!

Feat pic: Martijn van der Nat


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