Good news all round – we’re only going to have to put up with 1 and a half days of rain and the sun will be out again! This means that the coats can go back away for while and we can all stop moaning about the stormy weather again.

So let’s look at the week ahead:


If you’ve been outside today, or just peered around the curtain window – you’ll see that the weather is pretty crappy today. It’s not going to get much better. This means we are set for a gloomy day, with outbreaks of thundery showers. Temperatures will reach 13 degrees celcius.


Tomorrow isn’t looking much better, with outbreaks of rain, gloomy clouds and the chance of a bit of sunshine. The good news is that this should be the last time that we see weather like this for a while, so that’s enough to brighten anyone’s day! Highs of 11 and lows of 7 degrees celcius today.


This is when the weather begins to improve. Okay, so it’s not that hot, but it’s going to get there…slowly. The main thing is that the sun is shining and we can all enjoy not getting soaked. No rain is expected – just sun and cloud. Highs of 15 and lows of 6 degrees celcius.

Source: Weerplaza


Today is a gloriously sunny day, with only a small chance of cloud, clear blue skies and of course, no rain. Temperatures still aren’t as hot as we’d like though. Highs of 13 and lows of 7 degrees celcius.



Friday is looking to be another nice day with sun, clouds and no rain (hurrrraaahh). Highs of 15 and lows of 6 degrees celcius.


Now it’s beginning to warm up. Temperatures will reach over 20 degrees on the weekend and it’s set to get warmer as we go into next week. So see this as a taster of what’s to come. We’ll keep you updated on the weekend weather as it draws nearer (why isn’t it the weekend yet, waa).

Have a good week guys!


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