The weather this weekend in the Netherlands is still going to be amazing

Unlike the confusing week we had, the weather this weekend in the Netherlands will be pretty amazing. Sunshine, warmth, and trees slowly transitioning from green to yellow. Who’s ready for fall? 

Today (Friday)

Welcome to the second weekend of September, when the weather starts getting slightly chilly and awesomely spooky (That’s right! It’s a whole season of Halloween. Fight me!). With a forecast of 17 degrees Celsius, a bit of sunshine, a bit of clouds, and a bit of rain, we are already dipping into the atmosphere of fall. Get your coats and hats ready, and let’s go for some ghost hunting!


Ok, put your coats and hats back in the closet because it’s getting quite warm (never stop hunting for ghosts though). On Saturday we are expecting a temperature of 19 degrees Celsius, even though in some regions it might reach above 20. With some clouds and sunshine, the autumn feel will still be present, even though the Dutch might argue that this is summer. The trees are slowly getting orange though, so never stop believing in the power of autumn, my dear ghouls.


On Sunday it’s going to be even warmer, with an expected temperature of 20 degrees Celsius. There will still be some clouds blocking our sunshine, but let’s be thankful that we can at least still see the sun. Nevertheless, go out for a walk, enjoy the last days of sunshine, and be grateful that the weather this year is slowly immersing you into the fall season (unlike previous years when it would hit you like a truck out of nowhere).


Bonus Round: Monday

What’s worse than going to work when it’s hot? Going to work when the weather is the perfect combination of warmth and sunshine. With an expected temperature of 20 degrees Celsius and some lovely sunshine, Monday is the day we will all hate being at work. But if you want to brighten your mood, just get yourself a nice pumpkin spice latte (or anything pumpkin really) and immerse yourself fully into the fall spirit!

Are you excited about the weather this weekend in the Netherlands? What will you be doing during the upcoming days? Let us know in the comments below!

Veronika Licheva
Living the short girl life in the land of giants. Veronika is a content creator who takes great interest in video, photography, and journalism. Her mission in The Netherlands is to build a vibrant and exciting career, while simultaneously petting as many dogs as possible.


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