There’s gonna be a blood moon in the Netherlands tomorrow morning! Get ready for a thriller night!

Blood moon in the Netherlands

Are you ready to get your freak on? All fans of the occult rejoice, as there is going to be a blood moon in Holland! Well, to be more “scientifically correct” it’s going to be a lunar eclipse. Here’s a quick educational briefing: a lunar eclipse occurs when the moon, earth and sun align, with the moon being situated behind the earth. This causes earth to block sunlight from reaching the moon, which in return colors the moon red as it reflects the light refracted from the earth’s atmosphere.

What is special this year though, is that this time the eclipse will be a full one and the weather predictions are all about super crispy clear skies in pretty much all of the Netherlands except in some parts of the upper North. So yeah, we expect to see tons of blood moon pics tomorrow!

When and how to see the blood moon in the Netherlands

The lunar eclipse will begin on the 21 of January 2019, at around 5.41 AM. The bloody moon will be most visible at around 6.12 in the morning. The lunar eclipse will a few hours after that.

Also, if it’s not cloudy you might also be able to see a bunch of other planets. For example, underneath the moon to the right, Mars will be visible to the naked eye. In the south, you may also be able to spot Jupiter and Saturn, and Venus in the west.

Side Effect of the Blood Moon

Be warned that there may be some side effects on humans during the lunar eclipse. For example, if you’ve recently broken up with someone, or are generally feeling lonely, you may experience something scientists call “a total eclipse of the heart”. Symptoms include crying, staring longingly into the night sky, and generally being a drama queen.


On the other hand, others may experience a case of the “boogies”. That includes epic dancing while looking kinda dead. But don’t worry! This side effect is actually quite fun and can result into an awesome street party with perfectly synchronized choreography.

Are you excited about the blood moon in the Netherlands? Which side effect do you think you will get? Let us know in the comments below!


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