The weather in the Netherlands is a bit all over the place, we have had some lovely weather over the week. However, temperatures are going to drop back down to 14 degrees Celsius, and then back up to more summery temperatures. So if you’re starting to feel the change, then don’t worry, it won’t be gone for long. Plus, NO RAIN.

When you hear that it’s not going to rain in the Netherlands again…(!)


Today will be a cloudy day (in case you haven’t already noticed), yet with outbreaks of glorious sunshine. Temperatures will reach highs of 18 degrees Celsius. So it’s not an amazing day, but you don’t need your coat, so it’s all good.


Today is a similar day to Wednesday, with lots of cloud, yet chances of some outbreaks of sunshine. Temperatures will only reach highs of 14 degrees Celsius. Let us all just be thankful that it’s not raining, eh?

Source: Weerplaza


Friday is very similar to the rest of the week, with sun and cloud. Temperatures are again, as little low at 14 degrees Celsius, but don’t panic, as the temperature is going to get warmer now. Again, there is no risk of any rain.


The weekend is warming up from the usual 14 degrees Celsius (thank god), and we are looking at temperatures just tipping above the 20’s. Of course the weather could be much better, but it’s still weather that is bearable to sit out on the terraces with (any excuse for a beer).


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