Warm weather alert! Tell your friend, then tell your friend to tell a friend because the sun will shine all Easter weekend. Not only will the sun be shining but Weerplaza predicts it will be warm, with temperatures around 20 degrees this Easter weekend. 

If you didn’t have plans for Easter weekend you do now! Go get an ice-cream, go explore the Golden Egg Hunt in the museum quarter! Whatever your plans are, you can keep some sun on your face and embrace Spring this weekend.

That’s right, there will be warm weather on Easter in the Netherlands. Could it get any better? Weerplaza is reporting that Easter weekend will provide the goods! The whole week will be sunny, but expectations for warm weather on Easter weekend are high this year.

Warm weather just in time for Easter weekend

Northwestern Europe will experience high air pressure, this means that the North-west is well guarded against cold winds. Later in the week, gentle warm winds from the south-east will funnel into the Netherlands. So, just how hot will it actually be this weekend?

All signs are pointing toward temperatures above 17 degrees, with a high of 20 or more expected. If you are going out over the weekend, you might need sunscreen, the UV index will likely grow to 5. Even though it’s ideal spring weather all weekend long, the warm weather on Easter weekend will leave us at night.

Warm weather on Easter, Warm Weather Alert! The Sun will Shine all Easter Weekend
Image: screenshot Weerplaza

Low temperatures are still to be expected in the late afternoon and into the evening. A low of 5 degrees is what Weerplaza predicts after sunset. So make sure to soak up all the sun while you can!

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