The story of 18-year old Britt from Rotterdam having an unexpected baby born at the Alladin Beach resort in Hurghada, Egypt just has too many details that shouldn’t go untold.

We all know how it feels when we’ve gone a bit OTT at the hotel buffet. I mean, after all, you’ve paid for it, so why let it go to waste. You lay there on your bed, with your top buttons on your jeans undone, rubbing your pregnant-looking belly, wondering what you would call your food baby. For some reason, you are so proud of yourself. Sometimes you are just ashamed because you actually look fatter than someone who is 8 months pregnant.


When a food baby is an actual baby

For 18-year-old Britt from Rotterdam, this was actually the reality. She was in a hotel in Egypt on holiday, when she started getting stomach cramps and diarrhea. She assumed (like any of us would) that she had eaten something dodgy. When she was on the toilet, she realized there was a head coming out. At this point, I would have screamed the place down.

If I was on the toilet, I’d want some privacy and not half a baby staring me in the face. Thankfully, as she was training to be a nurse, she remained calm and knew what to do. Up until this point, she has no idea she was pregnant!


The baby, Yassin, arrived quickly and thankfully all is well. She cut the umbilical cord with some nail scissors (we told you details were good in this story) and took Yassin to bed with her. Her mobile phone was not working, the hotel telephone only accepted incoming calls, her hotel room was in a remote location and her family had gone back home before Britt, so she was alone. She somehow stayed calm until the hotel had realised that they had not seen Britt for a while so they called her a few hours later. I personally would have freaked, so fair play.


Issues getting the baby home

Now that the baby is born in Egypt, she needs a passport to be able to return home. According to DN, to do this Britt had to go to the BRITish embassy first (I know, the joke is too much), we’re not sure why. It’s 5 hours away, so it’s not close.

Also, as Britt met the father at a party and does not know him well, he is currently uncontactable and it delays the process of getting a birth certificate. Now it could take up to FOUR weeks to get it (bloody hell), yet hopefully, the embassy can something sooner as that’s a long time to stay abroad when you just want to get home with your baby. We hope that they get home safely soon!

Oh, just in, rumor has it that the little one will be getting an emergency passport.

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