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This is one of those weird stories again, and childish to say the least. A man, wearing a “Go Vegan and Die” vest, was found to be eating raw steak outside Amsterdam Vegan festival, to make a point that he’s a meat lover. Even grosser is that were there flies going for the meat too.

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As the steak was raw, blood was dripping off the piece of meat, leaving a puddle of blood and fat on the floor and he was just stood there eating it, while people queued to go into the festival. People complained to the Police, as there were children and elderly people attending – plus it was just plain idiocy to p**s people off for no reason.

And the point of that was…?


He eventually left after an hour, with a cameraman and an assistant. So clearly he was only doing it for the video views afterwards (video at the end is not his, BTW). The people attending the festival were shocked, to say the least, and were completely confused at what he was trying to achieve (you and me both). People at the festival say lots were not ‘extreme’ vegans and were clearly there to have a good day. He- on the other hand- was very extreme.


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    • Eating a steak is not extreme. Taking time out of your day to buy a raw steak and buy a “Go Vegan and Die” t-shirt, while standing outside a Vegan Festival dripping blood everywhere is extreme.
      Also, I don’t touch steak personally, I don’t like my meat bleeding either. So I can’t look in the mirror and say it, sadly.

      • I don’t know. Plenty of vegans show up at places demonstrating. I don’t see this as very different. Would I do it? Fuck no. But some people have more time on their hands than I do

  1. Obviously it was done for shock value, and I would say a parody, but this seems perfectly normal to me as a backlash to vegan protesters that attempt to destroy people’s businesses that sell meat and shame meat eaters with aggressive virtue signalling. Eating meat is not smoking and I’d argue that omnivores are tired of being treated as such.


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