A man had to be freed from a house today after waking up to find he was locked in. The man was having drinks in Leiden, talking with a woman. She had convinced him to come back to hers. Pursuing a one-night stand he followed her, the next day she was gone and he was locked in an empty house. 

The police have said the man is “richer from the experience” but would not wish it upon anyone. When the man went to leave he exited one door and then found himself in a corridor with two doors, both of which were locked. Usually the worst thing you go through after a one-night stand is a walk of shame, in this case, he couldn’t even get out.

Police are called to free man locked in an empty house

Luckily the man was able to call the police, who helped him get the door open. It was then that he realized the house was completely empty. So what did he do then? Called the police on 0900-8844. Thankfully it was an easy job, the motives remain unclear and it’s unknown whether the man could contact his fling while locked in.

for every one-night stand, there’s a weird story, we’re just glad this guy got free

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