Sadly, we’re not making up this piece of Zwarte Piet news

The police in Utrecht are looking for the suspect of a shooting. Witnesses told the police that “a possible suspect” was dressed as Zwarte Piet. So it seems that certain groups in society are right, Black Pete is a menace to society!


Muthafucka even has a bag for the loot (source: Flickr/ Zoetnet Smiley Piet)

The shooting took place in the Rietstraat in the district of Ondiep. According to local residents, the victim was in a car. The driver would have been wounded at his arm.

A helicopter is used in the search for the perpetrator or perpetrators, that’s all the police spokesperson could tell the press. No word yet if they’re looking for a regular Black Pete or a ‘Chimney’ Piet.


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