Sperm sniffing dogs are the new weapon Dutch police is using against rapists. Watch out perverts, because these super smart police doggies are coming to get you!

What do you mean ‘sperm sniffing dogs’?

We know that your initial reaction was probably among the lines of ‘WTF?‘. But we promise you, it’s not that bad! According to police reports, Dutch dogs have been successfully trained to sniff out sperm both indoors and outdoors. This new weapon against rapists allows police to use trained dogs in order to identify specific sperm up to a week after the incident.

And how are these sperm sniffing dogs better?

This new method apparently saves time on laboratory tests. It is easier for technicians to match the sperm’s DNA sample straightway, instead of searching all other items for potential evidence. So far these super smart dogs have been used to solve two cases of sexual assault. In fact, the trials were so successful, that four more brave dogs will be trained to work in environments where sexual assault has taken place.

sperm sniffing dogs

Why sperm sniffing dogs though?

All of these amazing good boys and girls are a part of a special team of 120 sniffer dogs, all trained to detect specific smells, such as drugs and money.  Up until last year the plan was to use sniffer rats instead, but it was later dropped. It is now in the hands (paws?) of Dutch police dogs to catch sexual predators and make sure we are all safe. Thank you for your service, Dutch police dogs!


What is your opinion on the whole ‘sperm sniffing dogs’ situation? Do you agree or disagree with it? Let us know in the comments below!



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