Winter is coming! (to the Netherlands)

The Dutch weatherservices buienradar & RTL predict a record-breaking minus nine degrees Celsius for tonight. This would be a record for the time of year, since the record is set on -8.3 degrees in 2010. The temperature might well drop below zero again on Tuesday. 


All of this is caused by some cold winds from the East, temperatures might rise again later this week as the wind will change.

Although most people wouldn’t be too excited by this news, there are things to look forward to for some people. Every cold night in the Netherlands is just the slightest reason for Dutchies to put up the question of questions: ‘Will the ‘elfstedentocht’ happen this year?’  The notorious ice-skating event in Friesland is one of the few things that can vividly excite even the usually gruff Northerner. But the last time it took place was in 1997 so in the meanwhile ice-skating loving Holland enjoys themselves with talking about whether it will happen this year or not.

Wintergezicht op Leiden. Door Jan Abrahamsz. van Beerstraten (1622-1666). Links de Waag
Old school ice-skating in Leiden


The early cold also creates the hope for a white Christmas which we haven’t seen for 6 years now (and back then it also wasn’t like the coca cola commercial at all). The arrival of early frost may predict a cold winter so good news too for those dreaming of a white Christmas. Other stuff for Dutchies and all you visiting folk to look forward to is the possible consumption of Koek & Zopie and nice snowy Dutch scenery.

So (un)fortunately the KNMI predicts it will get warmer next week so for right now just hoping and talking about it will probably have to make due. Though there’s no denying in the fact that this week winter is coming to the Netherlands!






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