Yellow vests refused to shake hands with Prime Minister Rutte

Yellow vests refused to shake hands with Prime Minister Rutte meeting at the Torentje on Tuesday. The group was gathered near the House of Representatives and five people met inside with the Prime Minister. 

The group believes several government policies are harming Dutch society and that Rutte is responsible for many social problems in the country.

Two members of the group ignored the Prime Minister when he reached out his hand for a handshake, one of them even spoke on the phone.

NOS reports that the woman who refused to shake hands with Prime Minister Rutte has no respect for him. She says, “He lives in a bubble. He can talk for hours without saying anything. He never gives a concrete answer.”

However, after the meeting, this woman shook his hand as she felt progress had been made.

Rutte invited the yellow vests after meeting in Roermond in March where he spoke to Desirée van Deurse. She was present, along with four others.

The yellow vests gave the Prime Minister their manifesto for him to read that told him the government must resign due to its incompetence.

The yellow vests in the Netherlands have been inspired by the campaign in France. The movement is spreading as protests occur throughout the country in the last months. However, the campaign in the Netherlands has only attracted a few people. Several are against immigration, the EU, as well as globalization.

Yellow vests in France
Source: pixabay/ella-87

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Lara Silva
Lara Silva
Originally from Lisbon, Lara now lives as a Londener where she studies journalism. She enjoys writing about politics, news and culture. Her favorite hobbies include eating pizza, drinking portuguese beer and smashing the patriarchy.


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