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Social media and the Dutch Spring

After the Middle East, and to some extend India and some other countries, now even the Netherlands seem to be in a little "spring-revolution” thanks to the new possibilities of social media. Should the Binnenhof fear for its survival?

The Preemptive Dutch Hall of Shame of 2013: Ready Your Facepalms!

Hope and optimism are for self-hating pussies. You don’t need to be Nostradamus to predict that some things are not going to end well. Here are five people/groups who will be sure to embarrass the Netherlands on an international level over the course of this year. As a bonus, each entry will feature a Dutch word of relevance that will surely prove to be useful sometime in the future.

Left punch to E5: The Art of Chess-Boxing

We Dutchmen have brought a lot of things into this world (got fire hoses? Yeah, thought so…). Being a small country and growing up in a world where every neighbor wants to conquer or enslave you made us a resourceful bunch, with a list of innovations including but not limited to instruments of war (got submarine snorkels? Oh wait, that doesn’t sound cool at all…). Ever since Anthonie van Leeuwenhoek McGayvered himself a fancy microscope, daring the Royal Society to look at an extreme close-up of his unsavory mini-troopers (no, seriously!), we’ve been conjuring up new shit like nobody’s business.