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DutchReviews: Simon – The movie that is Holland

The world has often criticized and ridiculed our liberties. Foreign governments would like nothing more than to see our semi-legalization of soft drugs revoked, gay marriage is still only legal in very small number of countries and euthanasia and abortion can still not be seen outside of the theistic context many people place it.

Popin’ Ain’t Easy

CONGRATULATIONS! You have been elected as the new Pope of the Catholic Church! Before picking up your free life-long subscription of littleBoysR'us, please answer the following questions:

The Future is Bilingual

Considering that relatively few people in this world speak the Dutch language (total estimate of native speakers: 25 million) and how few Americans take it on themselves to learn a new language, I’ve come to the conclusion that the cross-section entitled “Americans who learn Dutch, because why not?” consists of a single person, and we have found her.

Social media and the Dutch Spring

After the Middle East, and to some extend India and some other countries, now even the Netherlands seem to be in a little "spring-revolution” thanks to the new possibilities of social media. Should the Binnenhof fear for its survival?