4 Reasons to visit the Dutch Pinball Museum in Rotterdam

It already sounds awesome, but just in case you needed some convincing here are 4 reasons to visit the Dutch Pinball Museum in Rotterdam. Are you ready for a big nostalgia trip? Here we go!

Why a Pinball Museum, you may ask? Well, like all great things this museum was born out of passion! Gerard van de Sanden, the founder and creator of the Dutch Pinball Museum, had a fascination with pinball machines. It all started with one machine, which then turned into a collector’s hobby. However, he ended up collecting too many of them, so many that he didn’t even have space for them at home anymore (oops?). But that’s when a brilliant idea was born, which came to become the Dutch Pinball Museum in Rotterdam.

Today, the pinball museum is a lively and vibrant place, which almost feels like a time machine as soon as you walk in. Now here are 4 reasons why you should definitely go and visit the Dutch Pinball Museum.

#1 Reasons to visit the Dutch Pinball Museum: You get to have a ton of fun

Let’s begin with the most obvious reason – you get to have a ton of fun. The Dutch Pinball Museum is definitely not your typical museum. Unlike other museums, where you just get to walk around and look at old artifacts, this unique museum in Rotterdam actually allows you to play the games!

Once you pay at the entrance, you can play all the games you want for free (so don’t worry about bringing bags of change). There’s a ton of games at the museum, so you’re bound to stay entertained for at least 2 hours. You can either give the older games a go, or you can try your luck at the museum’s self made Matrix themed pinball machine!

#2 Reasons to visit the Dutch Pinball Museum: You learn a lot of interesting things about the history of pinball

Since it’s a museum, you get to see and learn a lot of interesting information about pinball. Each machine has the year of production and some interesting facts written on it. The oldest pinball game that the museum has in place is from 1900! From then it goes on through the decades, until you get to the newest pinball machines that carry current pop cultural themes.

Aside from seeing some pretty cool old and new pinball games, you also get to learn some interesting facts about the way that they are made. For example, according to the owner of the museum, pinball creators have quite the dirty humor. For example, once the lights are removed from the board of this particular pinball machine, you can see that this tower looks a bit…off.

Apparently, some pinball machines also have Easter eggs in them. For example, this seemingly fun pinball machine has a dark, dark secret to it.

You might not notice it at first (or at all) but you can see Hitler himself glaring from the corner. Now that’s some messed up humor *laughs nervously*.

#3 Reasons to visit the Dutch Pinball Museum: You can bring your children to show them how you had fun in the olden days

Yes, you can show the younger members of your family how people had fun while dinosaurs were still walking this Earth. Ok, maybe we’re not that old, but you can definitely blow the minds of Gen Z with games that are not digital. Don’t have kids, but are curious as to what their reaction might be? Well, according to the owner of the museum the kids’ first question is always how they can win something. Once they get over the fact that you only win by having a blast (from the past), the kids actually do enjoy this old school form of “gaming”.

#4 Reasons to visit the Dutch Pinball Museum: You get to relive your childhood

At the end of the day, going to the Dutch Pinball Museum in Rotterdam is all about experiencing nostalgia. It reminds you of your childhood and the arcades you would visit with your friends on a Friday night. The museum can sure give you that bitter-sweet feeling, that no other museum can replicate.

But at the end of the day it’s a party for everyone! Once you go in, there’s people from all ages, genders, and walks of life. All wanting to reconnect with the past through pinball. You can go to the Dutch Pinball Museum either with your friends, or you can also hold a private party there (we heard that bachelor parties there are a thing). It’s definitely a unique place to visit in your free time. So head on over to the Dutch Pinball Museum for some one of a kind retro fun!


Dutch Pinball Museum

Veerlaan 19-K (Paul Nijghkade entree)

3072 AN Rotterdam

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