Breakfast in The Hague: 6 sweet spots

6 spots for some delicious breakfast in The Hague

Breakfast might be my favourite time of day. I love lazy mornings, getting out of bed, realizing there’s nothing in the fridge, and decide to go out for food. Luckily, The Hague has plenty of options worth paying a visit. Either when looking for a healthy start of your day or when in need of a recovery after a big night out, all these places have something to indulge on. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day after all, so why not make the most of it.


This relaxed cafe offers some great sweet and savoury breakfast options to start your day: french toast with maple syrup, full English breakfast, bacon-avocado bagels and everything in between. Lots of different coffees and homemade juices to accompany and you’re all set. Not too many tourists are found here, mostly locals recovering from their early morning yoga class or just enjoying their weekend.


Just outside the city centre is the Bakkerswinkel, an easy-going, quiet and relaxed place with a housecat. You see people reading the saturday morning news paper, families enjoying some quality time, ladies enjoying their high tea and lovely staff making sure everyone gets what they need to start the day. The different sizes of breakfast ensure that they have something to meet your appetite. The bread and cakes are being freshly made and baked right in front of you and luckily you can always bring some extra home. Love that thay have buttermilk OJ (karnejus) on the menu, feels like drinking a healthier adult version of Fristi.

John & June’s

Everything is fresh and homemade at this cute lunchroom on the corner of the Tasmanstraat and Prins Hendrikstraat (always worth a visit). Inspired by the owner’s British grandparents you should definitely try the homemade chutneys, cakes and my favourite: dippy egg & soldiers. John & June’s offers a quiet homely place to chat up with friends or  enjoy the news paper with friendly service.

Vlaams Broodhuys

Vlaams Broodhuys is famous for its sourdough breads. A busy crowd of locals, expats, tourists and window shoppers find their way to this bakery plus cafe (including outside seating) for all kinds of yummy bakery things. The horrible thing is that you have to pass the counter on your way to the cafe, so you’ll start mouthwathering even before having seen the menu. But hey, that’s a good thing. Located in ‘De Fred’  in the Statenkwartier it also makes a perfect starting point for a day of shopping in one of the busiest shopping streets of The Hague.


Appeltje Eitje

With the menu on the wall, a cozy quirky child-friendly interior and a dog and cat to welcome you (Hey Bondi and Piet), it feels like you just walked into someone’s living room for breakfast. Why I love this place: you can build your own grilled cheese and add all the ingredients you love. Yum. The place is also famous for its Dutch apple pie and thank god there not being top secret about the recipe. They wrote it on the wall for you to make at home. Yum.



This recently opened joint is already a local favourite. Its menu offers a perfect selection of healthy and (not-so-healthy) guilty pleasures, including vegan options. With lots of locally sourced products and everything freshly made with love as the key ingredient (aahh.. <3), it attracts a conscious and hip crowd ready to indulge on all the deliciousness. It also has a great wine list, which makes for a great excuse to stick around till lunch time.

Enjoy your breakfast in The Hague!

Great spots for breakfast in The Hague!


  1. The service at Crunch is awful. My friend paid almost five euros for a basic tosti that should have cost two euros. They lost her order and despite her reminding them, it took them an hour to bring it out. They left the crust on too.


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