De Buurt Leiden: new summer hotspot

If you haven’t been to Leiden in the past 10 days, you might be wondering why there are containers stacked up just outside the station. That’s De Buurt Leiden, the new hotspot for the coming 3 months!

De Buurt Leiden
Shop area ©Gabrielle Dauby

Leiden is a great city: there are a lot of things to do, but it’s lacking a trendy place to hang out (especially if you’re not a student). Fortunately, this changed recently! De Buurt opened two weeks ago next to the station, becoming this summer’s new hotspot. Open until mid-September, De Buurt is the place to be, to hang out, chill, drink, eat, shop, sport and more.

De Buurt Leiden
Foodcourt ©Gabrielle Dauby

De Buurt Leiden

I’ll be honest, I went around to De Buurt Leiden for the first time early on a Sunday afternoon which was probably not the ideal time to assess how popular it is. But despite the (really) quiet atmosphere, I sense that De Buurt has great potential. A number of events will be organised during the summer including beach volleyball every Wednesday, vrijmibo’s on Fridays, theater plays, pre-festival parties (Puur, Bckyrd), Formula 1 on giant screens, a chess tournament, the Euro 2016, silent disco parties, a market, and much more! Check the agenda for the whole list.

De Buurt Leiden
Shop area ©Gabrielle Dauby

The lot is divided into specialty corners. You’ll first encounter the winkelplein, where six shops are gathered around an impressive showpiece. There’s industrial furniture, surf clothing and vintage design… Although somewhat limited for choice they are quality products, from what I’ve witnessed. On the left side, you’ll find the sport area, where you can play football or basketball, and watch the Euro 2016 finale or Max Verstappen at the Formula 1 races. Several gigs will take place at the event platform during the summer including parties, festivals, markets and so forth.

On the other side of De Buurt is the foodcourt with a fine selection of paninis, burgers, fries, oysters, coffee, hotdogs… The perfect accompaniment to that glass of beer or wine you’re sure to have while at De Buurt. The seating and lounge area is really quaint with tables, bean bags and barrels. If you’re there for a cultural fix, you’ll love the theater. Check the programme for plays. And finally, my favourite spot is the beach! How awesome is it to kickback in a lounge chair with your feet in the sand, in the middle of the city? I don’t need more than that!

De Buurt Leiden
The beach area ©Gabrielle Dauby

De Buurt Leiden
The showpiece ©Gabrielle Dauby

That Sunday afternoon was lovely, but I am definitely going to check it out on a Friday evening or on the weekends to see what it’s like when De Buurt is crawling with visitors! I can already picture myself there for that after-work drink, soaking up the sun, weather permitting of course…


De Buurt Leiden, Stationsgebied, daily from 11am to 11pm, until September 18


  1. Today I just ran into those posts as I have been thinking about studying in Leiden and I was curious how it is to not only study but to also really LIVE there. Now I don’t need to think about moving there anymore. Gabrielle’s uplifting articles totally convinced me that there’s no better place to live. Thank you so much for helping me to decide!:)) Regards from Prague, Sabina


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