Bynco: The Easy Way to Buy a Second-hand Car in the Netherlands as an Expat

Buying a second-hand car in the Netherlands

Looking to buy a car in the Netherlands? Not sure what to do next? Well, it doesn’t have to be a hard task as an expat. There are places out there which are ‘expat friendly’ and will get you well on your way to getting your dream car. One of these is Bynco. Had enough of those trains? Bike life not for you? Want to explore the world outside of the Netherlands? Well, whatever your reason for buying a car, here’s why Bynco is the way to go when looking for a second-hand car in the Netherlands.

Every new car owners dream… to be as badass as this doggo.


What is Bynco?

Bynco is the first webshop where you can buy a used car 100% online. This means that you can have a car at your doorstep without even leaving the house (see you really can buy everything online)! Bynco is an expat-friendly company, which means that they can help you if you are living in the Netherlands as an international and are stuck on what to do. They can sort your official RDW registration for you, making it a million times easier and stops those awkward language barriers when registering your car. Bynco is great for you Dutchies too! In short, it’s just an easy, legit and quick way to buy a second-hand car in the Netherlands with minimal effort on your part (always a bonus).

Bynco are car specialists, they know what they’re talking about when it comes to buying that perfect car and they ensure that the whole process runs smoothly, from inspections on their end – to the delivery that will land right on your doorstep at the end of it. Buying a car can drive you crazy (yes that was deliberate ;)), but that doesn’t mean it has to be that way. So, why are they perfect for us fellow expats out here?

Why is Bynco perfect for expats?

Bynco is perfect for expats because as I said above, they make life a lot easier when it comes to buying a car. They will sort the official RDW registration for you and there will be no awkward language barriers. This saves a lot of time, as you usually have to sort the RDW registration yourself and if you have no idea what you’re doing, that doesn’t make the process any more thrilling either. Thankfully, this can all be avoided.

Ordering with a foreign driving licence is possible, meaning that you don’t have to worry about your licence being declined. When you first move, you really aren’t sure who to trust. However, with Bynco it’s safe – so they aren’t going to run away with your money and not have a car at the end. There is also no haggling involved – yes! Hard to do anyway and even harder in another country. Even the thought of haggling makes my heart go wild.


In short, Bynco understands not only how to sell cars and make it easier for the customer, but how to put internationals at ease and make it easier for them to purchase a car. Jeez, you really can buy literally everything purely online these days.

Why choose Bynco?

You’re probably wondering ‘why Bynco?’, and you’ll be pleased to know that there are a lot of benefits of going with Bynco. I’ll repeat: you don’t have to worry about haggling, you don’t have to worry about a language barrier and you don’t have to worry about your foreign driving licence. When it comes to actually buying a car, if you’re worried about buying that car and it ends up being really not what you’re expected, then there is a money back guarantee (no questions asked). That’s certainly the first thing that many of us would worry about. However, you don’t actually pay for the car until delivery, plus the delivery is actually free within the Netherlands too which is pretty impressive. Or you can opt to pay with iDeal or with funding.

When you first buy your car, you will have a 14 day trial period to see if it’s right for you. When you decide to keep it forever, it will come with a 180-day warranty, so you don’t have to worry about anything going wrong as it will all be sorted by Bynco if it does (always the worry when you first have a car). All their cars are inspected fully before they are sold, so it’s unlikely you will find an issue, but at least you know you’re covered. They will also provide 24/7 personal assistance for you if you should need it.

Worries well and truly settled, phew.

Want to buy a second-hand car in the Netherlands? It doesn’t have to be hard!

Already have a car and want to trade it in?

Had enough of that car of yours and want to welcome a new car into the family? No worries! With Bynco this is possible. You just put in your car details, then you’ll have the option to add photos and additional info and you should receive an offer within 24 hours. This will then be used to deduct the price from your new car – easy peasy.

As you can see, Bynco is certainly an easier option when it comes to buying a second-hand car as an expat in the Netherlands. Check them out for yourselves and let us know what you think. 😉

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Looking to buy a second-hand car in the Netherlands? Have you ever bought a car from Bynco before? How did you find it? Share your experiences in the comments! Don’t forget to like our DutchReview Facebook group while you’re here too. You’re free to discuss Dutch stuff to your heart’s desire. 😉

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