Ajax fans amped up for the historic Ajax-Tottenham semi-final Wednesday evening

Ajax fans are amped up for tonight. The semi-final second leg of the Champions League between Ajax and Tottenham Hotspur kicks off at 9 p.m at the Johan Cruijff Arena in Amsterdam. Last week, Ajax won the first game against Tottenham in London with 0-1. It is now closer to the final than ever. The Amsterdam team has not reached the final in 23 years.

If Ajax wins this semi-final, it will be playing against Liverpool in the final on June 1st. Liverpool has reached the final of the Champions League for the second time in after a historic 4-0 win over FC Barcelona.

The F-side is planning the “biggest entrada ever”, a huge stadium arrival party starting at 7 p.m in the park next to Johan Cruijff Arena. Clothing that covers the face has been banned, along with fireworks.

However, according to AD, Ajax fans of F-side lit fireworks Tuesday night at the hotel of Tottenham Hotspur players. This also happened before other games against Real Madrid and Juventus in Amsterdam.


The Independent argues Tottenham needs to do the exact opposite of a week ago and start strong from the beginning, as Ajax scored within 15 minutes. However, they also predict the return of player Son Heung-min is a threat for Ajax, much more than Fernando Llorente did last week.

Several other say South Korean player Son Heung-min might be a threat for Ajax and they’re not wrong. Son Heung-Min has scored 50% of Tottenham’s goals in this season’s Champions League knockout stages, according to Sporting Life.

Former Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho tells RT, “He is an aggressive player, he is fast, he has transitions, he can hurt people. So the game is open.”

“Son will be Tottenham’s most aggressive player. He wants to prove that his three goals against Manchester City in the quarterfinals were no coincidence,” said Isaac Hong, former TV commentator on South Korean television, reports NOS.

Ex-Ajax coach Aad de Mos tells nu.nl that Ajax will struggle in the semi-final against Tottenham Hotspur despite its win the week prior. However, he says they will reach the final. He predicts Ajax will not score within the first half hour as Tottenham will start attacking from minute one. He says, “Ajax must use every counter opportunity with the attacking power. They must not retreat, because they cannot. That is asking for misery. They just have to play the game they always do”.

Featured image source: Pixabay

Are you watching the Ajax-Tottenham game tonight? What are your predictions? Let us know in the comments, below!

Lara Silva
Lara Silva
Originally from Lisbon, Lara now lives as a Londener where she studies journalism. She enjoys writing about politics, news and culture. Her favorite hobbies include eating pizza, drinking portuguese beer and smashing the patriarchy.


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