Increasing parking fees in Amsterdam – When and Why

It has been decided that the municipality will be increasing parking fees in Amsterdam. Here is why this decision has been reached, and when it will be implemented.

Why is the municipality increasing parking fees in Amsterdam?

The municipality of Amsterdam has stated that it will be increasing parking fees in order to improve the quality of life. This decision has been made, in order to encourage residents and visitors to use public transit to travel within and to the city. In order to make this plan successful, an extra 400 million euros will be invested in public transport infrastructure. This means that new trams, subways and zero emission buses will become more common in the coming years.

“These are hefty rate increases and not everyone will be happy about it”, traffic alderman Sharon Dijksma said in the press release. “But it is necessary to keep the city livable and accessible and to create more space for cyclists, pedestrians and green areas. We will use the extra parking fees to invest in mobility and to improve the quality of the infrastructure and public space in the city.”

When will the parking fees in Amsterdam be increased?

The new fees will be implemented starting April 2019. Parking in Amsterdam’s city center for an hour will cost 7.50 euros, instead of the current 5 euros per hour. This is the first time parking fees in Amsterdam are changing since 2009.

This change in fees comes after an intentional policy change by the Green Left party, which is now firmly ruling the Amsterdam city council and backed up by ‘GroenLinks’ mayor Femke Halsema. Focused on reducing the crowds and traffics in the inner center of Amsterdam, they’ve also proposed removing the Iamsterdam sign. And it might be a blessing for the cycling crowds in Amsterdam, tougher and more expensive times are coming for those that need their car in Amsterdam.

A very crowded IAmsterdam

How do you feel about the increasing parking fees in Amsterdam? Let us know in the comments below!

Veronika Licheva
Veronika Licheva
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