Manifesto Film Festival Comes to Amsterdam This Weekend

Head to Amsterdam for the Manifesto Film Festival 2018

If you’re a film lover and looking for some non-mainstream movie options in the next few days, the Manifesto Film Festival is happening in Amsterdam this weekend. The festival’s organizers have specifically selected films that are “Radical,” and more specifically “films [that] can encompass documentaries that seek to raise awareness of the struggles of oppressed communities, fiction that explores or questions cultural norms, or avant-garde filmmaking that challenges traditional cinematic techniques.” If you’re looking for popcorn romcoms, this may not be for you.

Manifesto Film Festival

The festival’s theme this year is The Disunited States of America, a topic that seems appropriate and relevant, if not overdone in the past year. The festival appears to offer a new perspective on the popular populism parade (say that five times fast!) by offering a platform to independent filmmakers with points of view not found in the mass media. Different programs focus on hot topics, like technology encroaching on our freedoms and privacy (Tomorrowland, “Smart” Phones, Recording Reality: Life on the Internet), the changing idea of identity (Cult Mentality, Identities in Flux, Where Do You Belong), and race & gender (The Color Of Your Skin, What Women Want).

When and where?

The festival will have screenings around town, starting tonight for an opening night gala at the Rialto theater, with a showing of German/Kurdish film House Without Roof, at 21:15. A reception will follow the film and lead actor, Murat Seven, will be in attendance. Screenings will happen continually throughout the weekend at the Eye, De Balie, and seven other theaters around town. Also of note is a filmmaking workshop and industry panel at The Eye on Saturday at 13:00, with an introduction to indie filmmaking led by documentary filmmakers. This is followed by the EYE Filmmaker & Audience Gala at 18:00, with live DJs and with food and drinks included.

If you’re a moviegoer who is upset about the state of the world, this film festival seems like a great opportunity to have some catharsis and commiserate with others who feel the same way. You’ll likely leave with new ideas about the world around you and perhaps more energized in the months ahead.

Will you be attending? Let us know in the comments! 

Nick Pernisco
Nick Pernisco
Nick has done a lot in his life - run startups, run for public office, run away from police sirens - but writing for Dutch Review is a highlight. He claims to care about the issues and wants to make an impact on his community, while we think he's just here for the free beer.



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