Write for DutchReview

 Write for DutchReview

DutchReview is always on the lookout for new and enthusiastic contributors and we always have a spot for ambitious writers and designers. If you know anything about the Netherlands and the Dutch and have any writing ambitions what-so-ever, then we might just be the perfect partner to get you started with realizing these ambitions.


What does DutchReview have to offer?

  • Fixed platform for writing articles for a fast growing audience of over 185.000 unique visitors per month, some of our articles receive up to 20.000 likes!
  • Feedback, assistance and help from DutchReviews team of professional writers and staff;
  • Endorsements, references and recommendations of any kind (think LinkedIn!) from the DutchReview crew;
  • Beef up your résumé and learn how to write SEO approved articles, learn CMS (WordPress) and get a thorough course on all other things needed to be a true online author.
  • Working on your (international) portfolio and reinforcing your journalistic/writing profile whilst also expanding your network.
  • Drinks with the DutchReview crew (join fast, we’ve got one coming!) and free diners, tickets and stuff to review.
  • All DutchReview positions are on a volunteer basis
  • Being part of an exciting and ambitious project with lots of fun involved as well!


What do YOU have to offer?

Not just anyone can write for DutchReview, here are some skills you should bring to the table:

    • Either a native English speaker, or able to write at a fluent level (shabby English just won’t do); WE DON’T COMPROMISE ON THIS
    • Excellent writing, spelling and grammar skills and excellent interpersonal skills;
    • Social media skills, writing for DR also means being an ambassador for DR online and on social media networks;

Sharp opinions and a sense of humor;

  • Contribution: a single article each month is the bare minimum requirement – we work with a schedule, though we of course encourage our team to provide content on a more regular basis;

We’re especially looking for people to cover the following topics:

  • News, analyses and current events are our bread and butter. Aspiring journalists join us! We love publishing controversial opinions or sharp analyses.
  • City correspondents: covering life, events and culture in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Utrecht, Groningen, Leiden, The Hague or any other nice Dutch city. (Bloggers sign up!)
  • Politics: covering Dutch politics and Netherlands related Foreign affairs.
  • Art and popular culture
  • Dutch startups, techs and innovation.
  • Typical Dutch topics, such as: drugs policy, cycling, abortion, cheese and euthanasia.

We’re also looking for people who are into graphic design or want to be of any other assistance!


What do others say?

Hutter-120x120Alexandra Huetter:

Writing for DutchReview is great fun, allowed me to practice my skills and ultimately also contributed in finding more work. Awesome stuff! Also, the free dinners to review make sure I’ll never have to cook again!”


Emily Brady Profile PhotoEmily Brady:

“Writing for the Dutch Review is great because it allows you to force everyone to listen to your opinions whilst learning all about the Netherlands and making great friends along the way”

You’ve got me, what do I do now?

Mail a short personal introduction and a draft of an article (min. 500 words, killer title, at least one joke, images always help) to dutchreviewing@gmail.com –  From then on it’s only money, fame and Nobel prizes.



Feat pic: Christian Gonzalez/FlickR/CC