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About DutchReview

Welcome to DutchReview: the leading international magazine of the Netherlands


Here at DutchReview we cater to a large and diverse number of readers. We write content for expats and internationals who live in the Netherlands and bring you Dutch news in English. We also cater to students who are experiencing the Dutch university life and may need a tip or two about life in the Netherlands. But some of our readers are simply international Dutchies who want to be informed about what’s happening in Holland, while far away from their home country. Simply put, DutchReview is for anyone interested in life in the Netherlands.


Our mission is to inform our audience about the most important stories coming out of the Netherlands. But let’s be honest, we also like to entertain our readers with fun stuff! Most importantly, we provide a platform where our readers can debate and share their opinion about Dutch-related issues. We like our opinions and editorials sharp and provoking, but we try to keep it neutral in general (except for Trump, that man is an ass)


Our news segments are divided into separate categories (check out or innovation news!). We have humor (we try at least) and guides on how to do things in the Netherlands like a proper Dutchie. We also share reviews of places that you should definitely visit. We teach Dutch. We provide ideas for day trips, give information about the hottest events and restaurants in the Netherlands. And if you’re a student in Holland, we can provide you with any information you might need during your studies (and drinking career)


You can enjoy our content in multiple ways! We post many articles on a daily basis to make sure you're up-to-date with the hottest news. We share photos and create photo reports for those of you who enjoy seeing the beauty of the Netherlands. And of course, we have videos! Videos about learning Dutch? You got it! Videos about the most amazing cities in the Netherlands? You also got it! Social explainers about Holland? You bet you got it! All of this just to keep you informed and up-to-date with life in the Netherlands.


You can find DutchReview across many social media channels! You can like our page on Facebook, in order to see all of our articles in your feed. Or you can follow us on Twitter, for links to the biggest stories of the day. In the mood for some aesthetic photos? Then our Instagram account will provide you with the Dutch beauty that your feed so desperately needed. Like watching videos? Then you can also find us on YouTube. And to forget subscribing to our Newsletter!


But let's be honest, DutchReview wouldn't be DutchReview without its amazing writers. Some of our articles are written by our very talented volunteer writers who take time off of their day just to provide you with some interesting segment. Remember that when you're getting ready to write a mean comment! And let's not forget the DutchReview crew, who apart from writing and editing articles, also produce videos, take photographs, and create all other content.