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Explore and be awed by the Dutch landscape with Renzy’s sightseeing tours!

With summer around the corner and the weather clearing up, it’s time to explore what the Netherlands has to offer and take a tour. With Renzy's countryside & windmill tour, that is. 😌 Crowded tours with lots of people? Nee. An annoying tour guide that won’t stop babbling? A guided tour on the guide’s schedule? […]

Something for the whole family! Let your kids run wild at Museum Volkenkunde’s Animal Academy

Museum Volkenkunde Steenstraat 1, Leiden, Zuid-Holland, Netherlands

Do you have kids bouncing off the walls at home? Aren't they so cute? (Do you need somewhere to entertain them this summer? 👀) Look no further, Museum Volkenkunde's DierenAcademie exhibit is fun for children and parents alike! With a series of exciting rooms focusing on specific animals, the DierenAcademie (Animal Academy) exhibit allows your […]

Museum Volkenkunde’s mind-bending maps exhibit

Museum Volkenkunde Steenstraat 1, Leiden, Zuid-Holland, Netherlands

Need a place for a great first date? Or perhaps somewhere to show off to your friends? Point your compass towards Museum Volkenkunde's latest exhibit!  When you hear the word "map", you probably think of a piece of paper depicting the geography of some country — but what if we told you a map can […]

3rd Oktober (Festival in Leiden)

Netherlands , Netherlands

If you wish to enjoy an extra day of celebrations this year, head to Leiden on October 3. You’ll find the bars and streets filled with people drinking, dancing, enjoying a traditional stew, and stuffing themselves with haring. To celebrate Leiden’s liberation from the Spanish in 1574, the lucky Leidenaars get the day off work […]

Immunowars Festival: The Most Infectious Festival

Pesthuis Pesthuislaan 7, Leiden, Netherlands

Brought to you by the same start-up responsible for bringing us the strategic board game ImmunoWars, this disease-themed bash puts the fun in funeral. The time has come to unleash that inner mad scientist or demented nurse who's just itching to come out of you; the dress code this year is "black and white", so […]


Is it alive? This unique art exhibition is opening its doors

TextielMuseum Goirkestraat 96, Tilburg, North Brabant, Netherlands

Looking for a unique artistic experience that will satisfy your cultural craving? Look no further than TextielMuseum's newest exhibition! The "Is it alive?" exhibition at the TextielMuseum in Tilburg showcases a unique mix of innovation, textiles, technology and art — inspired by life. What does this mean, you ask? Well, the exhibition is a unique […]


If you’re eager to go trick or treating on All Hallow’s Eve, you will probably be disappointed by the weird looks you’ll get from your Dutch neighbours. While Halloween is not really a big thing in the Netherlands, some elements of the American holiday have started to creep in. You may notice a few Dutch […]

Daylight Savings Time ends

On this day, the clock falls back one hour from 3 AM to 2 AM, meaning you’re getting a whole extra hour to sleep at night! On the other hand, it also means that the days are getting shorter, dark nights longer, and winter is coming in fast. READ MORE | Does the Netherlands have […]

Sint-Maarten (Dutch Halloween)

Netherlands , Netherlands

If you were disappointed by the lack of Halloween parties, Sint-Maarten celebrations may make up for it! Some Dutch cities take this seriously, with parades, bonfires, and lantern tours. Sint-Maarten is an exciting day, especially for children. Pumpkins, turnips, and beetroot are turned into spooky lanterns, and kids sing songs in exchange for fruit and […]


Netherlands , Netherlands

Sinterklaas is one holiday where the Dutch go all out on big celebrations and exciting traditions.  While the youngsters sit their shoes under the chimney to receive chocoladeletters (chocolate letters) and other sweet treats, the adults can celebrate the holiday by giving out tailored gifts or writing poems. You’ll find the popular kruidnoten and pepernoten […]

Christmas Eve

Netherlands , Netherlands

Since Sinterklaas has already dropped off his presents on December 5, the Kerstavond is not much of a reason to celebrate. Pretty much a regular day, the Dutchies may spend it having dinner with family and friends, or simply enjoying the general merriment over the holidays. Don’t be surprised if you’re expected to show up […]