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Sint-Maarten (Dutch Halloween)

November 11, 2022


If you were disappointed by the lack of Halloween parties, Sint-Maarten celebrations may make up for it! Some Dutch cities take this seriously, with parades, bonfires, and lantern tours. Sint-Maarten is an exciting day, especially for children. Pumpkins, turnips, and beetroot are turned into spooky lanterns, and kids sing songs in exchange for fruit and sweets. If you want to impress your Dutch friends, give this song a go: 

🇳🇱 “1 november is de dag, dat mijn lichtje, dat mijn lichtje branden mag”. 

🇬🇧 “November 1 is the day, that my light, that my light, may burn.”

Feature Image: nl:Afbeelding:Sintmaarten/Wikimedia Commons/Free Use


November 11, 2022