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Jianghan Chang

Jianghan has spent her whole life in China except for a one-year exchange program in Leiden University, which caused her addiction to Dutch dairy products. Now wrapping up her degree in Dutch Studies, she aspires to further her education in Europe. Aside from over-analysing film and literature, she also enjoys being an amateur artist whose inspiration is fueled by crippling obsession.

How the fate of 17 Dutch sailors changed history

History is full of butterfly effects. The first voyage of the Dutch to China is no exception,...

Lost in translation: a hilarious history of Chinese porcelain in the Netherlands

You know those tattoo fails where people commission tattoo designs written in another language that result in...

The BKR: a short history of when the Dutch government added artists to their payroll

Remember that time the Dutch government gave artist's actual salaries in exchange for their work? No? Allow...