The RIVM has published the latest count of coronavirus cases in the Netherlands for today, June 29.

The newest count reveals an additional 78 cases in the Netherlands. Ever since the outbreak began back in February, there’s been a total of 50,223 cases.

Severe cases of coronavirus still lead to people ending up in the hospital, with three new people being hospitalized.

Unfortunately, the virus continues to claim lives. Since the latest count, two more people have passed away, and nationwide, the virus has claimed the lives of 6,107 people in total.

The RIVM will discontinue daily updates starting July 1, as the number of cases has stabilized. They will do weekly updates instead.

Nursing homes to determine their own visiting schedules

The nationwide ban on visits to nursing homes has lead to distressing situations, NOS reports. Institutions must therefore be allowed to determine their own visiting schedules. This is the main recommendation from Leiden and Groningen experts who commissioned the Ministry of Health to research the coronavirus approach of 41 different institutions.

The study revealed that employees of nursing homes have been under a lot of mental stress due to the crisis. They had high exposure to the coronavirus, a high workload, and in some cases, were not allowed to sleep at home. Some employees were even threatened because of the visit ban.


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