A strike began this morning by KLM staff at Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport, one of the busiest airports in Europe. Many flights have already been disrupted including Air France, Transavia and EasyJet. 

Why are KLM staff striking?

The 15,000 KLM staff are wanting a four percent pay rise, better job security created by fixed contracts and more flexible working time, Bloomberg reports. 

The union has been in discussions for months with KLM management which resulted in staff rejecting an offer of a 2 percent pay rise.

KLM management believe the 2 percent pay increase does not warrant such a reaction and the strike is unnecessary.

Schiphol airport has issued the following warning to passengers to keep an eye on their flight for any disruptions. Make sure you check your flight times for any delays and cancellations!


Let’s hope the strike ends soon and flights can resume their normal schedules!

Do you think strikes are necessary? Have you been affected? 


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